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Thailand update from Koh Lanta Island:

  • The beach that had once held homes, channels and big boats was wiped clean by the huge
  • 100 lives and most of their fishing boats & nets were lost.
  • We visited several small villages on Koh Lanta to dis- tribute food water & clothing to the people who were devis- tated by the tsunami.
    The remains of what’s left.


Sowers plan to help!

  • We partnered with Thai
    believers from churches in the area to get the aid directly to people who needed it.
  • Our strategy is to help with the nets first. We will pro- vide the families with new nets and help to repair the boats.
  • We will build a community center in the area to use for education and community activities including bible stud- ies. We will build the center with the help of a couple of short term groups and also send in a young Thai Christian couple to live there and do literacy training for the adults and tutoring for the children.

How can you help?

We need your help to continue this effort! You can help in two ways. First we need funding for the nets & boats. We also need people to go to work with the kids and help build the community center.