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Haven of Hope Orphanage (HOH), inaugurated last June 24, started with 10 orphaned and abandoned children from the surrounding Muslim and tribal villages. This week we admitted 3 more orphans from the Muslim village whose mother died of hemorrhage while giving birth to her 10th child. Now we have a total of 13 children, 7 from the Muslim village and 6 from the Kalagan village. Our children range from 3 to 14 years old.

In just a few months, a lot of changes have taken place in the lives of these orphans. They now have started to look healthy, well-groomed, and well-behaved. They are all excited and grateful that they could go to school. They are also learning many Bible stories and have memorized quite a few verses from the Scriptures. They regularly attend Sunday school classes at a church in the city.

Our greatest need, in the Haven of Hope ministry, is summer clothes for the children. Almost all of them entered the orphanage with only the clothes on their backs. We have received a few donations thus far, but they are not enough to give each of the children a set of 5 clothing outfits.

We are also looking for monthly supporters or sponsors to stabilize our monthly operational budget. The budget includes the expenses for food, clothing, education, medication for children, staff salaries and maintenance. If you want to be a part in improving the lives of these indigenous orphaned children, please contact Mr. Romeo Niere, Asian Director of Sowers International, at tel. no. Office: (512) 341-8678, Cell: (310) 525-0338.

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